Apr 18, 2011

Underground Streams Podcast

The Underground Streams podcast came out of a desire to communicate a message that touches on heart issues and explores truth. We do this through open discussion with a panel of participants. We connect to things that touch on the spirituality of individuals, things that cannot be explained completely by the Five senses.

It is our desire to create a forum that Christians can relate to and
that would be thought provoking and entertaining. We also hope it will appeal to people who are searching for spirituality and connect to it because the topics look interesting. We try to avoid using Christianese language or promote it as a Christian podcast. We want it to have broader appeal.

Christians could use it as a springboard for conversation with those around them who have not yet awakened to the spiritual side of themselves. The highest percentage of people who find Christ is through relationship.

We try to produce a show that has humour, original music and talk. We keep the length short to around 15 minutes.

Our podcasts are recorded on GarageBand software via Skype. That way we do not have to be in the same location and can invite guests to be a part of it. The podcast happens about 2 times per month. To do it this way, it is necessary to know GarageBand software and its limitations.

From a technical and creative aspect, we have a TV, movie, music composer/producer who participates in the podcast and also produces the show for us. We record our conversation on GarageBand around the topic and then he edits and produces the podcast using his software and technology. If others are looking for help, you could hire him to work with you. You can contact him directly through his website.

We have also placed the podcast on YouTube for additional exposure and are working on it being placed on itunes. It currently is on Podomatic. You can also find us on the web. We need to have more followers who would be willing to commit to our podcast to have it make an appearance in the New Age spiritual realm. You and your friends could help us accomplish this if you would become a follower of the podcast. Podcasts only affect the world as they become popular with listeners.

Bob Buckley, Vineyard Toronto Downtown, Ontario

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