Apr 11, 2011

Blogs that get you Thinking

I call this edition - bragging up my friends. I must admit that the two bloggers I will highlight today have a special place in my heart. Both are seasoned Vineyard pastors with a real passion for deep faith and engaged spirituality.

Matte Downey has found a way to live her faith out loud in her outWORD blog. Matte and Dean pastor the awesome Vineyard Montreal. Matte is also continuing her theological education at Concordia University and brings a real vibrant faith seeking understanding to her blog. She is studying a mystic, Evelyn Underhill, so how cool is that? I say very. I've known Matte and Dean for quite a few years now and they are among my favourite people on the planet. Matte is energetic, passionate, and full of freedom. And it oozes out on her blog. Give it a read, I'm sure you will agree.

Brad Culver is probably the closest thing to a Vineyard mystic that we have. I ran into Brad and Mary at a Celtic Spirituality retreat years ago and have counted them amongst my dearest friends ever since. Mary and Brad planted the Refuge in Cambridge and have since retired to a homestead near Bancroft. Brad does a fair bit of speaking, mostly in the US, and I'm sure your congregation would be encouraged by his faith. Deeply grounded in a love for Christian tradition and history, Brad's blog Living Water from an Ancient Well is full of prayers, blessings, musings, and encouragements. Brad invites us to renew the connection our faith has with 2000 years of Christianity. Check it out, I'm sure you will find it encouraging.

OK, next time I'm going to highlight a couple blogs from Vineyard folk south of the border.

Frank Emanuel, Freedom Vineyard, Ontario

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