Dec 29, 2010

Making Thoughtworks Work

One of the things that Thoughtworks does well is organize and deliver weekend intensives. These are training opportunities, hosted by a local Vineyard, open to anyone. Over the years we have run them on everything many different topics, and we can do them for you. It is my hope that as you read material on this blog or work through the Thoughtworks curriculum that you discover things that you believe your congregation can benefit from. That's where we can help. Simply contact your regional Thoughtworks representative and figure out an option that works for you. Often the reason we have not is because we haven't asked.

To facilitate getting training out as cost effectively as possible, we also need you to let us know your passions. Have you done an excellent teaching on marriage counseling? Why not write up a blurb for this blog - that way when folks read it they can be inspired to bring that wisdom to their own congregations as well. The more we know about the passions in our region the better we will be able to let the whole region, and even country, benefit. The same goes for needs, if we know that there is a problem with biblical literacy, we can help connect you with resources that will work for your congregation. Building on the positive experience of the National Webinars, we do not need to be locked into traditional modes of training either. We are here to serve the churches in our movement, ensuring that we build on a strong foundation.

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