Dec 27, 2010

Blogs that get you Thinking

About once a month we would like to feature a few blogs* and other websites that get you thinking. This month I wanted to draw our attention to a couple of East Coast blogs with Vineyard connections.

The Naked Pastor is none other than David Hayward. David and Lisa were the pastors of Rothesay Vineyard(NB) from 1995 until 2010. I met David at a Post-modern Hermeneutics* workshop at Dominion Hill. I recognized right away David was a sharp thinker. Over the years I've come to appreciate his blog the NakedPastor. He posts articles, comics and pictures often probing deeply into our unexamined preconceptions about God, church and life. David often has very lively debates in the comments, although they can get fiery at times as well. I make a point of surfing over to his blog at least once a week. Whether you agree with him or not, David Hayward is really good at making you think.

Another great East Coast blog comes from PEI. Cracked Virtue is the personal blog of Vineyard pastor Brian Metzger (Charlottetown Community Church). I also met Brian at the same Post-modern Hermeneutics workshop as David. He has quite a different personality than David, but again a keen thinker and a great guy. Brian does more of a commentary style blog, sharing his thoughts on everything from how he's feeling personally to what is going on in churches today.

EDIT: Brian has moved his blog here.

If you know blogs and websites that get you thinking why not write up a little context blurb and email them to me. (church(at) I'll try to put up a few new links the third Monday of each month.

*Blogs, like this one, are websites where a person or group of people journal in a public way. The better blogs also allow you to interact with the content through comments.
*Hermeneutics is just the fancy word theologians use for interpreting stuff. Post-modern in the case of the workshop was used to name the present state of culture in which deep suspicions toward the Bible, or any religious text for that matter, is considered 'normal'.


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