Nov 10, 2011

Going National

I'm pretty excited about the next little while for ThoughtWorks and the Vineyard in Canada. We have been doing a lot of hard work finding ways to get the tools you need into your hands. In terms of our core curriculum we now have associated Intensives that we can arrange for your local congregation. In fact each region has a bit of budget to help get these things off the ground. As always our passion is to equip your saints for all God has in store for us! More as this unfolds.

Another change that is coming soon is a new domain name ( has been purchased and we will be moving our website (hopefully in a spiffy new format) and this blog there. My hope is that we will have a completely integrated (and easily updated) web presence. As many of you know this blog was meant to be a pilot project, serving the region of Ontario. Rather than setting up regional ThoughtWorks blogs, we will be migrating this one to serve as the National ThoughtWorks Blog! That will give me more access to content providers. We'll definitely still feature what is happening in the various regions, but now everybody will get to enjoy this resource.

 Looking forward to serving you,
 Frank Emanuel for the National ThoughtWorks Team.

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