Aug 1, 2011

Weekly Post Delayed - God in the Media

I haven't had time to put together the post for this week yet. I blame it on summer. I'll get something out mid-week - another installment of Blogs that Get You Thinking! I'm still waiting on some content that has been promised to me, must be summer all around.

In the meantime - I wonder what you think about the post I did on the movie The Adjustment Bureau. If you haven't seen the movie I must warn you the post is full of spoilers. But I think one of the ways we are practicing theologians is when we look for the ways that God is being presented in media. I've actually been known to take guys to action films and talk about why the gospel theme of death and resurrection is so prevalent in such films. Makes for great conversation. If we don't talk about how God is being portrayed then we risk letting media colour our God concepts through subversion. Some food for thought.

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  1. OK I'm delaying it all the way to next week. Almost done some renovations on the house, want to be finished before tomorrow night. Watch for the next post on Monday.



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