May 23, 2011

Blogs that get you Thinking

As promised I am going to feature a couple blogs from the US. The Vineyard was born in Southern California, and while I know the Canadian Vineyard has forged a unique identity within the Vineyard family we still draw from our roots south of the 49th parallel. I'm sure there are many other excellent blogs from US Vineyard leaders out there, these are just two that I've found helpful voices along the journey.

I start with Jason Coker's often edgy blog - Pastoralia. I think I first encountered Jason through blog comments when I was exploring emerging church voices while researching my master's thesis. We certainly seem to follow a lot of the same bloggers. Jason and his wife Jenell pastored the recently closed the missional Vineyard Ikon (San Diego). Jason's recent reflections on the closing of his church are worth reading (and I'm not the only one saying this). There is a depth of maturity expressed in what he calls an autopsy of his church plant. Jason is also an active participant in the Society of Vineyard Scholars and has reflected on the work done there. Plus his space preacher banner rocks!

Jumping to the other side of the country, I virtually met Steven Hamilton after he read an article I wrote for Inside Worship ("Towards a Post-modern Liturgy"). His blog Verve & Verse is always full of rich reflections on life, faith, worship and pastoral theology. Another participant in the Society of Vineyard Scholars, Steven has a sharp mind and a passionate voice. He serves in the Vineyard Community Church of Central Maryland. I think you will find his blog a rich repository of reflections. (Plus he is boldly bald like myself!)

Next time I will focus on blogs that exhibit the Vineyard value of doing the stuff! As always I'm looking forward to your blog suggestions as well as comments.

Frank Emanuel - Freedom Vineyard, Ottawa

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