Mar 28, 2011

Following Wimber on Facebook

Social media sites, like facebook, can be incredible tools for networking and equipping. In my congregation, Freedom Vineyard, our facebook group functions as a dynamic bulletin allowing us to connect our community. It is also a connecting point for the Vineyard Ontario Leadership Team (VOLT). And recently many of us experienced the power of social media as it gave us a common place to mourn the loss of our dear friend Rob Hall. Perhaps I'll post at a later date about some of the problems with social media sites, but today I want to focus on one of the boons.

Sean and Christy Wimber have set up an official John Wimber facebook page. So you can follow John Wimber on facebook. What I love about this resource is that they regularly post Wimberisms, that is things that John said. Continually they call us back to the heart and values of the Vineyard movement. If you are on facebook, you owe it to yourself to follow John and be challenged by the Wimberisms that will show up in your news feed.

What are some of the ways that you have found social media helpful in your ministry?

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